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“…..’You’re the greatest boarding facility I know ( & Sonnet and I have known a few over the years!) ………..Thanks for the great care for Duke and Sonnet…….”

Carol Ann Wood

“…….I have found Eva and Chris to be very knowledgeable and experienced with all types of horses, boarders, and riders. The condition of the property and all the horses reflects true dedication and concern by Eva and Chris……..”

Marion Schroeder Church

“…….My three horse received excellent care during their stay. The facility provided a very healthy atmosphere, both physically and emotionally , for my horses, as they were able to socialize with a group of gentle horses while grazing in a large area. Eva maintained a farrier, worming and vaccination schedule to ensure that all health needs were met. For horses that experienced injuries, she provided more intense nurturing.

Eva’s trailering service to the mountains was the highlight of my boarding experience ! I learned more about horses from Eva than from anyone else in all the time I’ve owned horses. She taught me how to encourage a horse to cross water, how to ride down steep hills, and how to read my horses emotions. I developed confidence in my riding abilities and trust in my horses abilities. She taught me to be a better horse-person.

Eva did an excellant job training my 2-year old colt. She was able to be consistent and gentle so that Ben responds to the slightest cues and is a willing and happy partner. It was an amazing experience to ride Ben in the mountains for the first time, with Eva providing the encouragement.

I highly recommend Caeco Ranch to anyone, novice or experienced……….”

Lois Garrett

“…….Regarding our favorite 6 year old gelding Shaker, he is doing great. Since bringing him home from your training, we have never looked back……There is an interesting bond between a little girl and a horse that I can’t seem to replicate.
We had a feeling he was the right horse when we bought him from the rescue facility but we still had misgivings as to how well he would train up. We really appreciated the time you took to explain what would happen and what we could expect to see throughout his development.

Being an Arab cross, we had ample chances to see how sensitive he was to external stimulus and perceived threats. Watching you work with him and seeing the trust develop, was inspiring for us (as well as confidence building). We were amazed at the transformation in such a short period of time, evolving from a heard bound horse with little interaction for over two years, to one that Maggie was riding less than a month later.

You have our sincerest thanks for starting all of us down the road together……..”

Neil Shortt

“My husband and I were looking for project pony for our son and Shannon mentioned she had “the perfect guy for us”, named Pringles! Long story short, this little Pinto came home with us and is the PERFECT guy. The Groundwork Bailee and Shannon did with Pringles made it so easy for us to start him. We might be biased, but we think we got the best pony in the world. Thank you so much for our little lovey, Caeco Ranch! We can’t wait for our song to love him as much as we do! Thank you,

Remington & Travis –  Rafter 27 Ranch

“Helped relocate by trailer my older mare on two occasions. Great horse people.” 

Jayne Myatt

“My daughter has been taking riding lessons from Shannon for 2 yrs now and i cant stip telling people how great this place is. You feel like a friend when you come. Shannon is an amazing teacher and knows how to get the kids excited.”

Jennifer Mckay

“Have had nothing but great times with Eva, Shannon, Bailee and Chris! Whether the trails or round pen they are very patient, encouraging and calm with both people and their horses. I have learned lots from the way they train and ride, looking forward to learning more”

Rebecca Cook

“The care your horses will receive at caeco ranch is amazing. I have been lucky to purchase a horse from there and also work for caeco ranch and have seen first hand how kind and gentle caeco ranch is to every animal on the farm!”

Becky McPhee

“My horses all came from Caeco Ranch except our baby Slyder who was born there after we had her mom Slipper for a few years. They had the best of care and I am sure enjoyed their stay after being rescued in one way or another. They have been nothing but a joy and I think they are happy to have found a home with us. My daughter had a real challenge with Sunny but they worked it out and became best of friends competing in trick riding and competitive trail. My son fell in love with slipper and the two of them still go riding when he’s not at university. I inherited Raz the Arab who is the perfect horse. He is my best friend and the most calm Arab you will ever find. If it wasn’t for Eva we never would have found them! She has an eye for placing horses with the right person. You can’t go wrong.”

Alison Douglas